Krista Davidson, Head of Programmes & Operations at Injini (left) and Abduraoaf Sandan, Analyst at Injini (right) in a still from the introductory sequence of the Voices of African EdTech digital mini-series.

Over the years, the Injini team has had the pleasure of getting to know some of the most prominent voices in the African EdTech ecosystem. These voices are of individuals who are some of the most innovative practitioners in the African education sector. They all come from a vast array of disciplinary backgrounds and together are making a significant impact on the EdTech space.

Voices of EdTech in Africa, a five-part digital mini-series and a first for Injini, was born out of the desire to share the wisdom of some of these prominent practitioners by having a closer look at…

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With technological advancement in every sphere of our personal and work lives constantly demanding we keep up with the latest innovations, the need to continuously adapt becomes inevitable. But why has advancement in new innovation not gone hand-in-hand with a rise in the number of women we see in tech-heavy careers?

Injini is proud to boast an impressive repertoire of female-led startups in amongst our incubation programme alumni and current participants — Ambani Africa, Smartix Education, Lumen Labs, OTRAC, My Job Pass and M-Shule, to name just a few. Unfortunately, these female-founded tech ventures are the exception and not the…

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The Injini Incubation programme is made up of five main offerings that are present to support African EdTech startups. These offerings are Coaching & Workshops, Direct Funding, Intensive Support, Resources and the newly introduced Injini Market Research Projects.

Coaching & Workshops — Workshops / Webinars and one-on-one sessions from experts in education, technology and business. We’ve recently partnered with CoffeeChat to make our network of experts more accessible to our entrepreneurs.

Direct Funding — Early-stage capital and support in achieving growth. Each startup receives grant funding of R100k, with the possibility of receiving up to R1 million follow-on equity investment.

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If your experience has been anything like ours, the last few weeks have seen you inundated with information characterised by an unbelievably short shelf life. An article you read today about the state of the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe may prove dated by tomorrow. With such a rapid pace of change, where should we focus our attention?

The first step may be taking a step back to contemplate the trends beginning to fall into place in this new version of the world. One of the most visible and pressing observations to note is the unprecedented number of children and…

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As part of Injini’s commitment to developing the EdTech ecosystem and bring about systemic change, we will be producing the very first podcast series focused on EdTech in Africa. The series aims to foster a culture of knowledge sharing among various EdTech stakeholders and concerned community members across the continent. Through the process of sharing of knowledge, we hope to empower local entrepreneurs with relevant learnings of what is happening in the ecosystem and through access to these learnings, inspire innovation and change in education in Africa.

Over the five-episode series, we envision discussing best practices in EdTech, evidence-based innovations…

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When it comes to the provision of quality education in Africa, we, unfortunately, face a number of barriers with no easy way around them. Because each community has very specific challenges influenced by a number of factors — from politics and national legislation to the state of the respective economy and access to resources — this means that there is no proverbial silver bullet to solve all Africa’s educational challenges.

However, the Injini team believes that there are homegrown innovations, made by Africans for Africans, that can make a significant impact on the state of the sector.

A Platform for Problem-Solving

Enabling EdTech in…

Update: Meet the founders — watch the Cohort 4 Launch Video!

After a long and highly competitive recruitment process, the Injini team has selected six new EdTech startups who will embark on our 5-month incubation programme starting 23 March 2020. The solutions below came out on top of over 500 application originating from 37 African countries — almost 60% of them coming from Africa’s three major markets: Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. This year, about 25% of the total applications were female-led, a welcomed improvement from the 20% we saw in 2019.

The six EdTech solutions joining us for Cohort 4 are:

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How does one invigorate a community of changemakers and innovators? At Injini, we’ve chosen the route of active engagement in the EdTech ecosystem, where we’ve partnered with four organisation in the SADC region to host what we call “EdTech Meetups”. Each partner has agreed to hold six meetups during the period from March 2019 until August 2020. (Click here to read more about our partners and learn what else they’re working on with Injini.)

A Forum to Share and Learn Across the SADC Region

Over the course of a few hours, EdTech meetups aim to create a space where stakeholders (entrepreneurs, academics, investors, educators, NGOs and government officials) in education…

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The African continent is hugely diverse and each community faces different challenges. One that seems to be ubiquitous across Africa, especially for the poor, is access to quality education.

In 2015, it was reported that only 56% of females in sub-Saharan Africa were literate, and the gender literacy gap, which indicates the difference in literacy between females and males, stood at 15%. …

Do you have a technology-driven or technology-enabled innovation that could improve educational outcomes in Africa? Are you looking to take your early-stage startup to the next level?

Injini is now accepting applications for our next cohort of EdTech changemakers in Africa. If you are one of the selected Cohort 4 startups, you will participate in a five-month incubation programme that will take place both in Cape Town, South Africa and in your home market, where the team will support you remotely.

During this time, you’ll get an opportunity to work with subject matter experts in education, business, technology and entrepreneurship…

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